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Velcro Project, 
Somersworth & Manchester NH

The Velcro Project consisted of wiring a new construction building in Somersworth; the wiring of a building-addition in Manchester; the installation of fiber cable from Building 1 to Building 2 in Manchester; and a PBX cutover in both corporate locations.  


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I    A backboard was installed in the M.D.F. to provide sufficient mounting space for the fiber-fed remote switching equipment, as well as a 100pr feed cable, station cables, and a multi-zone paging system.
VELCRO6.JPG (15396 bytes)  A 7 foot data rack with both horizontal, and vertical cable management was also installed in the M.D.F. to provide a neat, and versatile data management system.
  VELCRO18.JPG (15407 bytes)  We pride ourselves on workmanship, quality, and almost above all,...appearance. When it comes to cat5, fiber optic, or even high count feeder cables, a cable that can't be seen, is less likely to be disturbed than one that is dangling down a wall, or dropped ceiling. All of our cables are installed as stealthily as possible, but when they ARE visible we take care to secure them well, while maintaining the best possible appearance.
Dual loudspeakers were mounted in 19 locations in the large (and very loud) manufacturing areas of the plant..We opted for a different approach, however, in the more quiet areas such as, the employee lounge. Power is provided by 4 amplifiers, 1 in each of 3 I.D.F.s and 1 in the M.D.F.
Most of the terminals on this site were located in areas where we weren't able to snake the walls (or steel columns as it were). So Wiremold was used to bring the cables down from the 22 foot high deck. Wherever possible though, we kept our cables neatly concealed within the walls, well out of harms way.
The 3 I.D.F.s were installed with the same care, and attention to detail as the much larger M.D.F. was.

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