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The St. Pauls School Project, consisted of several phases.  Phase One through phase three consisted of placing new outside plant (25, 50, 100 and 200 pair) copper cables, through the school's conduit system.  This cable replaced insufficient pair counts in several buildings and fed cable counts to buildings for future use.   Other phases included the installation of additional Category 5, coaxial and fiber through the Olstrom Library, School House, and several dormitories (not all buildings are receiving the same type of cable).  A tedious phase included the testing, re-labeling, re-crosswiring, and reconfiguring of backboard space in 15 buildings.   Here is just a taste of what work went on at St. Pauls.

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warren_sign.jpg (45911 bytes)Welcome to Warren House.



mdf_warren_before.jpg (36611 bytes)A beforehand shot of the Warren House IDF




sh_3fl_idf_before0.jpg (41213 bytes)School House 3rd floor IDF Before Shot.




sh_3fl_idf_during4.jpg (46556 bytes)School House 3rd floor IDF Before Shot.



sh_3fl_idf_before2.jpg (53057 bytes)School House 3rd floor IDF Before Shot.




sh_3fl_idf_during1.jpg (43621 bytes)The starting process of cleaning up the IDF.




sh_3fl_idf_during2.jpg (33183 bytes)Still in the process.  Testing and relabeling all existing data.




sh_3fl_idf_after.jpg (28180 bytes)The final stage.




sh_3fl_idf_after2.jpg (47001 bytes)Final Stage.  No large version of this picture.



sh_mdf_before.jpg (44756 bytes)School House Phone Room before.



sh_mdf_before1.jpg (38231 bytes)School House Data MDF before.




sh_mdf_during.jpg (45052 bytes)The starting process.  Adding new patch panels for termination of new data runs.





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