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   As an Ortronics and Leviton Certified Installer, Northeast Cable Networks can design, install, and maintain your home network, providing years of reliable connectivity. An attractive, easy to use interface is installed in a central location within the home and services such as Telephone Lines, Cable TV, Satellite Dish and high speed internet access are distributed throughout the home.

                        The fully expandable interface houses both active, and passive distribution devices like, hubs, modems, video splitters/amplifiers, and patch panels, allowing the user to share data, printers, internet connections, even the VCR or DVD player!!

   Northeast Cable Networks, teamed with Ortronics, Leviton and Berk-tek, offer a       standard 5-year product warranty, and can even provide a 25-year extended warranty to further provide you, the customer, with the comfort of knowing that we take pride in, and   stand behind our work,...100% !!                                                                                                      

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    Leviton offers a diverse line of home networking, video monitoring, and whole home sound products. Our Certified Installers can outfit your home with anything from a basic home network for printer and internet connection sharing, or whole house      video monitoring and sound, to outdoor speakers that look     like rocks !!

  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination !!

   We are also available to hook up DVD players, Surround Sound Systems, VCRs,  CD changers and other items for your existing or new entertainment centers.


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