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The DSM project comprised of a joint effort with the Mitel Corporation in moving an existing Mitel PBX switch from an old office building to a new office building on DSM lot.  The scope included physically moving the switch to the new location and moving all existing in-house and outside-line extensions to the new feeder cable which feeds the new phone closet IDF's and PBX room.  When the move was complete, the cutover began with the reprogramming of the switch and crosswiring of the phone extensions.  When that was complete all extensions had to be tested from the office locations for dial tone and for correct placement of extension number.  The project was completed on a weekend so downtime was not a high factor.

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before_new_switch.jpgThis a shot of the PBX room of the new building before the switch was moved in.




new_switch.jpgThe Mitel PBX was added and hooked up to the phone network.




new_switch1.jpgAnother angle of the PBX switch.



new_crossconnect.jpgThis is the new BIX crossconnect for the PBX switch.




old_backboard.jpgThis picture shows the old layout of an existing phone closet in the new building, before the project started.   This is a BIX to 66 block crossconnect.


new_backboard1.jpgThis shows the new crosswiring with a little housekeeping.


new_crosswire.jpgAnother look at the new crosswiring.




old_backboard1.jpgThis depicts a second existing phone closet before the start of the project.  This is a BIX the 66 Block crossconnect.  The BIX end is the building feeds, while the 66 Block contains the phone drops.
.new_backboard3.jpgFinished product of the new crosswire for the new extensions



new_backboard2.jpgOne more look at the new cleaned-up phone closet.


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