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Brooks School, N. Andover Mass Project

The Brooks Project consisted of wiring ten dormitories, gymnasium, summer-camp, art studio, house-hold dept, chapel, music, and theater with voice, data, and video.  The entire project consisted of 236 locations of Category 3 for voice, Category 5 for data, and RJ6 for video.  E.M.T. and Wiremold was installed to house cable that could not be hidden in walls, ceilings, or attics.   The entire engineering, installation, and testing  followed EIA/TIA standards.


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cablepath2_small.gif (7280 bytes)IDF conditions are never Text Book cases.   With planning and a few Ty-wraps, accommodations can be made.


emt_small.gif (7423 bytes)The installation of E.M.T was used to contain any cable that would otherwise be exposed.


stubout.jpg (27031 bytes)E.M.T risers play an intricate role in protecting the cable through the old styled, campus buildings.


Riser1.jpg (15153 bytes)Installation of E.M.T risers in closets allows thecable to be contained to respective floors.


wiremold2.jpg (18676 bytes)To outfit the campus install, Ortronic and Wiremold brand  products were chosen.




wiremold4.jpg (24499 bytes)The walls are not snake-able so wire mold is used to reach outlet height.




gym_backboard.jpg (20065 bytes)This Gymnasium IDF backboard shows the installation of cable before the termination.


gym_punchdown.jpg (18534 bytes)Here is another look at the Data cable as it is prepped and beginning to be terminated in a 12 port Category 5 patch panel.



Link5.jpg (25474 bytes)All coax cable is placed near Media One's terminals for present and future cable television or broadband internet access.


Link7_data.jpg (12453 bytes)All cable is installed with maintenance loops for the possibility of possible moves adds or changes.


Link8_Voice_Video_small.gif (7588 bytes)On the left is a group of outside plant protection crosswired over to 110 blocks for internal wiring.  The far right contains the Media One cabinet and coax patch pane.


Russel1.jpg (16315 bytes)All cable installation and terminations follows strict TIA/EIA standards.


whitney_backboard.jpg (14613 bytes)In the dorms, data cabinets are installed in the IDF locations to protect the network electronics and data patch panels.



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